What do you only accept bank payments for machine orders?

We only accept payment via bank transfer (T/T), $1,500usd deposit to start the production, and balance is due once machines are ready for delivery.

Due to the high level of credit card/Paypal fraud, our company group no longer accepts these payments for machine orders.

Why are the Australian prices listed more expensive than the American Prices?

In the pricing, please factor the exchange rate loss between the AUD/USD as well as we need to add 10% tax onto the costs for Australian customers.

Do I need to pay in full when I order my machine?

We are asking our customers pay $1,500USD (or $2,000AUD) as a deposit to secure your order. The final balance is due before the machines are shipped from the factory.

We can work together with you for payment plans (please note however, we can only ship the machines once we receive full payment).

What is the warranty period?

All products offered by Highway Games come with 12 months warranty. Highway Games prides itself on plug and play serviceability, with the ability of owners to self-diagnose and easily repair any faults.

What about spare parts in the future, where do I purchase these?

Highway Games is part of Highway Group, with various companies around the world including a spare parts division in Hong Kong – www.arcadespareparts.com. We plan to have the Spinal Tap pinball spare parts available for purchase online, shipping internationally only takes few days from Hong Kong.

Please note, proprietary boards are not available for sale and only on repair/exchange basis.

Your local distributor should also have stock on hand.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We ship daily around the world.

To receive an accurate freight quotation, please email our team and let us know what is your nearest seaport as well as delivery address. We will do our best to support you.

How can I update the code on my machine?

Game code is stored on a daughterboard module, which can be removed from the MPU main board and replaced. Please contact your Homepin Authorized Dealer to see if there is an update available for your machine.

The ball isn’t launching into the plunger lane.

This can be caused by the balls in the trough not being seated correctly, and this may happen after the playfield has been raised to the upright position. Please check that the balls in the trough are properly seated.

How do change the game settings?

The game adjustments menu is accessed with the button panel inside the coin door. Grey buttons are used to enter and exit menu options, and the flipper buttons are used to navigate between options.

What are EOS switches?

EOS stands for End Of Stroke. These switches are part of the flipper mechanism and let the machine know when a flipper is in the “up” position. It is important that these can operate correctly as they are designed to reduce wear and prevent burn-out on the high power flipper coils.

How can I adjust the volume level?

The speaker volume can be adjusted with the Volume Up/Volume Down red buttons on the button panel inside the coin door.

Game is too Easy/Hard?

The default setting on the pinball machine is on “EASY” allowing novice players to enjoy pinball game play. However, this setting is not suitable for experienced pinball players.

After receiving your pinball, please set the difficult (and other game settings) to match your experience by going into the software menu (GAME SETTINGS) and adjusting difficult, ball lock times, extra ball settings, etc…